OFFTEC Palestine organized its annual trip to Istanbul and Bursa in Turkey, in recognition to its employee’s efforts, and to celebrate the company's continued success over the years.

This trip is being carried out for the second year in a row, in recognition of the significant and important role played by the employees in the success of the company's work and development at the internal and external levels.

OFFTEC Palestine recently won the Best Bank Performance Award from Diebold Nixdorf in Morocco. OFFTEC is the first in its field locally to win this award and is one of the most prominent Palestinian companies and the most present in the field of providing Banking solutions. 

Mr. Jamel Daher, OFFTEC Palestine CEO, stressed that the employees are the main element in OFFTEC presence. They represent the company in the local and international markets and thus are the basis for the achievements and excellence that accompanied the company's work since its establishment in 1910. 

He added, that the company constantly seeks to develop its employees and honor them at all levels. Stressing that this remarkable success achieved every day is an inevitable result of the solid foundation, in addition to the establishment and of an integrated network of work at all levels of management and executive. 

OFFTEC Palestine is one of the first Palestinian companies that has paid great attention to its employees by training them, improving their skills, providing the appropriate environment, and participating in various activities at the local and international levels. In addition to the continuous work to achieve further expansion and growth at all levels.